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Primary 4 Question

Class:             Primary Four

Subject:        Computer Science

  1. Explained the term computers hardware
  2. Why do we say a computer is a system
  3. List the basic devices that make computer hardware
  4. What is the work of an input unit
  5. What do we mean by people ware or users
  6. What is the work of storage unit of the computer
  7. Why do we call Charles Babbage  the father of modern computers
  8. Who is an end user
  9. Who makes laws to control the use of computer system
  10. What is a mouse
  11. Explain the following (a) click (b) right click
  12. List the types of mouse we have
  13. Mention 2 types of mouse_____________ and __________________
  14. List 2 examples of people ware/users

Class:             Primary Four

Subject:        Home Economics

Write the correct answers to these questions

  1. Names five foods that should not be cooked before they are eaten
  2. Give four reason for cooking food
  3. Why must the finger nail be cut short
  4. What material are needed for cleaning cement floors
  5. Prevention and destruction of house hold pests are
  6. Steaming is the method of _____
  7. What is steaming?
  8. Explain two types of pot that can be used to steam moin moin
  9. Name the material you need to make home made polish
  10. Make a homemade polish and practice polishing
  11. Make a list of local cleaning agents
  12. Collect cleaning agents and store in jars and label
  13. A clean home is a _____ home
  14. List four types of floor surface you know

Class:             Primary Four

Subject:        Physical Education

  1. What is gymnastics?
  2.  Name five floor activities in gymnastics
  3. Name three activities using apparition
  4. Mention five stunts activities in gymnastic
  5. Explained the recreational activities
  6. What is camping?
  7. List five camping activities
  8. Mention the four cardinal point
  9. What is nutrient?
  10. Mention five sources of nutrient
  11. Define judo
  12. Narrate the history of judo
  13. Swimming stroke
  14. Name four swimming stroke you know

Class:             Primary Four

Subject:        Basic Science

  1. What is joint?
  2. Types of bones are
  3. Explained the term vertebrates
  4. Name four organs used in the system
  5. State the function of each of the organs
  6. Why is sniffing is bad
  7. Described breathing system
  8. What is blood?
  9. List five importance of blood
  10. Name two things that help to transport blood round the body
  11. Explain how diseases are spread through blood transfusion
  12. What is pollination?
  13. What is water cycle?
  14. What is the importance of water cycle to plants and animals?

Class:             Primary Four

Subject:        Phonetics

  1. Give five examples of words containing the following sounds in the table below

            /i/                    /f/                   /m/                 /n/

  1. ____________________________________
  2. ____________________________________
  3. ____________________________________
  4. ____________________________________
  5. ____________________________________
  6. Underline and sort out the consonant sounds /s/), /v/) sleeve, council, vote, raven, goats, wave, leaves, cease, notice, love.
  7. Make sentence with the following words (a) teacher, can, pleasure
  8. Make sentences with the following: word, dress, book, lorry, women
  9. Give five examples of consonant sound of /s/, /v/, /w/, and /r/
  10. Make a sentence each with the following objects, table, ball, bad
  11. Fill in the correct sound of each words in the gap /i/  /f/  /n/  /m/ ___ rough _____ mammal,  _____ phlem listen __________

Choose the correct answer to each word

  • /f/ (a) swim (b) went (c) plank (d) fling
  • /n/ (a) glad (b) key (c) nib (d) brick
  • /f/ (a) steps (b) crop (c) vest (d) cough
  • /i/ (a) spend (b) psalm (c) club (d) robin
  • /m/ (a) rack (b) helm (c) grass (d) hill
  • /n/ (a) sign (b) column (c) calm (d) late
  • /f/ (a) rough (b) low (c) pressure (d) push
  • /m/ (a) hang (b) ball (c) sum (d) dress

Class:             Primary Four

Subject:        Social Studies

Write the correct answers to these questions

  1. What is a political party
  2. List the political parties in Nigeria
  3. Mention how a political party are formed
  4. How can we control religious intolerance
  5. What is religious intolerance
  6. Mention the roles of religious bodies in development
  7. What do you understand by marriage
  8. Mention the feature of traditional marriage
  9. List the features of Muslim marriage
  10. What do you understand by organization
  11. What is co-operation
  12. List the benefits of living together
  13. Mention the causes of poor savings
  14. How can a large family save effectively 

Class:             Primary Four

Subject:        Christian Religious Studies

Write the correct answers to these questions

  1. Explain what mercy means
  2. Explain how God shows mercy to us
  3. Discuss the reason why we should be  merciful to others
  4. Give two instance when God saved his people from trouble
  5. Mention two people in the bible whom God used to save others
  6. Explain what the Pentecost is?
  7. Narrate the events of the day of the Pentecost
  8. List two spiritual signification of the Pentecost
  9. Explain what is ‘inspiration’ 
  10. List the roles of the holy spirit in the spread of the gospel
  11. Explain who the Holy Spirit is?
  12. Explain how the holy spirit make us faithful
  13. The roles of the holy spirit in the ministry of the early disciples
  14. What is truth?

Class:             Primary Four

Subject:        Civic Education

            Write the correct answers to these questions

  1. What is meaning of natural and unnatural disasters?
  2. What is disaster?
  3. Mention types of disaster
  4. Causes of natural disaster are ____
  5. Explain the term extreme underground heat
  6. Mention some common natural disaster
  7. This is the very bright flashes of light in the sky that happen during thunder storm. True/false
  8. What is heavy rains, explain it?
  9. State three effects of natural disaster on life and property
  10. Mention two organization which help in look after victims of disaster
  11. Suggest three ways of assisting people affected by disaster
  12. Identify five common natural disasters
  13. Explain civic education

Class:             Primary Four

Subject:        Verbal Reasoning

Complete these sentences

  1. House is the man and nest is to _______________
  2. Frame is to picture as cover is to ___________________
  3. Speak is the shout as walk is to __________________________
  4. One is to ten as ten is to __________________________

Put in the suitable words in the spaces below

  • Boy is to girls as _______ is to woman
  • High is to low as ______  is to cold down
  • _____ is the donkey as neighs is to horse
  • _____ is to hand as toe is to foot
  • Uncle is to _____ as aunt is to niece

Complete these:  

  1. Bird                flying              snails ________________
  2. House            bedroom      ship __________________
  3. Egg                 shell                banana_______________
  4. Theatre         plays               cinema ________________

Seat                sit                    ladder_________________

Class:             Primary Four

Subject:        Ibibio

Write the correct answers to these questions

  1. Good morning means _________________________________________
  2. How are you means __________________________________________
  3. Have you arrived means _______________________________________
  4. Welcome means _____________________________________________
  5. What is your name means _____________________________________
  6. Which one did you want means _________________________________
  7. Where are you going to means __________________________________
  8. Who is that means ___________________________________________
  9. What is happening means _____________________________________
  10. I am Mr Essien means _________________________________________
  11. I am sent to work in your ministry means _________________________
  12. I studied chemistry means _____________________________________
  13. What is my work means ______________________________________
  14. Bring the letter please means __________________________________

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